Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mail day from Stats on the Back

It's been raining just about non-stop for the past two days. We're under flood warnings and the creek in my back yard is turning into a river. The weather has been strange this year. Last week this was what you saw out my front door...

And today, this is out my back door...

It's in the 60s today, nice compared to last week's highs in the 30s... but it's supposed to snow tonight.

This is the third time I've started this post because the power has gone out twice. It was out for about two hours this morning. Strange strange strange.

Oh well.

So I went down to the mail box today in the rain and what do I find? A package... from Stats on the Back. YAY. Nothing better than flipping through new (to me) baseball cards on a rainy day. Fortunately my other hobby is collecting knvies because this package was a bitch to get into.

The cards and the Benchmade 710 (aka. best knife ever made) I used to open the package.

Also included, as padding so the cards didn't flop around, were a pack of 87 Donruss and two packs of 88 Donruss. I always liked 87 Donruss but never got to open any packs, so it was a nice treat. And I'm sorry to admit this, but I LOVE '88 Donruss. I hope that didn't kill my credibility as a collector.

I'll throw up some scans later once I learn how to use my new super-duper all in one printer/scanner/copier/fax/toaster oven/can opener thingy.

Now to go look at some new (to me) baseball cards. A BIG thanks to Stats on the Back!