Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time sure does fly...

It's been a while.

I'm still here, not reading as much as I used to, but I'm still active in the hobby... but I haven't opened a pack of cards in about six months. I look at the barely opened box of '88 Donruss and want to keep going, but I just can't find the time.

In my time away, I've been working full time and recently upgraded my computer to Vista Ultimate after holding onto XP Pro for about ten years. Since I don't have my scanner software installed yet, this post will be sans quality pictures. I've also gotten back into my old ways of knife collecting and have been spending more time drooling over knives than baseball cards... But here I am, ready to talk cards for a bit.

I've been working on a trade with reader Robert for a few weeks and some bad weather and bad timing got in the way. His end of the trade came in today, and I'm still pulling cards for him.

Going his way are a small stack of 1988 Score and as many 1994 Topps as I can give him. Coming my way are 12 Steve Avery cards (!), a few 88 Fleer that I needed for the set and some '81 Topps that pushes me a bit closer to my ultimate goal of completing that set some day.

We'll do this the old fashioned way and use some camera pictures.

And here's the Steve Avery haul...

In other news, I'm finally on broadband internet... after two years of waiting, Verizon finally let me have DSL.

So there you have it. Thanks again to Robert and as soon as you let me know what '94 Topps you're looking for, I'll have your cards in the mail.


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Welcome back.

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