Tuesday, July 8, 2008

short one tonight.

Sorry guys, this is another short one. I haven't really been in the mood to write too much lately, I'm tired and Windows automatically updated a few hours ago and it's been trying to get me to restart incessantly so I'm going to make it happy pretty soon. I'll get some more words up tomorrow night.

Before we get to the cards, I've resigned myself to buying a second box of '88 Score. All my looking around hasn't netted me any solid information about this set, and just a lot of scattered bits and pieces. So I fully intend to try and draw some conclusions about this set and offer up as much information in one place as I can. I may make an attempt at an actual website with a scan of as many cards as possible (hopefully the full set at some point).

Don't hold me to that though, I've started a lot of litle websites over the past ten years and none of them have gone anywhere.

Pack 27
(duplicates are indicated by bold text)
86 Kal Daniels
94 Joe Magrane
106 Danny Tartabull
124 Jack Howell
136 Gerald Perry
144 Mike Jackson
296 Bill Wegman
304 Paul O’Neill
333 Rupert Jones
347 Andy Hawkins
353 John Habyan
442 Gerald Young
458 Dave Stewart
462 Jim Winn

647 Ron Gant – Rookie Prospect
642 Mackey Sasser – Rookie Prospect
650 Game Breakers (Mattingly, Clark)

A very good pack with eleven new cards added to the set. The rookie of the set, Mackey Sasser (pretty cool name), spent his career primarily as a backup catcher. He put up some pretty decent numbers though he only played 100 games in a season once. He was a career .267 hitter with 16 home runs and 156 RBIs in 534 games.

His best offensive season came in 1990, where he played in 100 games and hit .307/6HR/41RBI in 288 total PA. Not too bad for a backup, though he did commit 14 errors behind the plate.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some more words, and a few pictures to brighten the place up a bit.