Monday, March 2, 2009

Young Superstars #35 - Mike Aldrete

Here's a shot of some blurry fans at Wrigley. The look on Aldrete's face says "oh no, I just realized I'm swinging a tiny bat instead of my regular one." As Andy has pointed out, there are some strange bat shots in 88 Score, but this one may be the strangest.

Though he had a good year in 1987 (.325/.396/.462/51RBI), it was a fluke and he never came close to those numbers again.

Since 2001, he's been a coach or instructor in the Diamondbacks, Mariners and Cardinals systems.

Mike Aldrete's career statistics


AReiche said...

Come on...why are you being so tough on my cousin? He was a great ball player. And I'm sure he has accomplished more in his life than you have. He was good enough that the Yankees played him in the World Series and got him a ring.