Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mailday 5/28 Part 2

Here's a sampling of the second part of the package I got today from Dayf.

Let's start with the greatest uniform in the history of baseball:

In 1978, White was involved in an interested deal. The Expos sent a player to be named later to the Cubs for a player to be named later and Woodie Fryman. The deal was originally made on June 9 with White being sent on June 23. In December of the same year, White was traded back to the Expos for Sam Mejias.

The deal worked out best for Montreal in the end, as White played well enough as a part time player for the Expos until 1983, and Woodie Fryman pitched well out of the pen.

Here's a nice shot of Phil Garner.

This is going to sound strange, but when I think of Phil Garner I think of the Dodgers. I know very well that he only played half a season in LA, but I still think Dodgers when I hear his name. I'll have to look, but I can only assume that he's in a Dodger uniform on most 1988 baseball cards.

It's a Yankee, but it's a nice looking card. Mr. Jones was a two time All Star.

And finally... Who's idea was it for the White Sox to wear this?

I'm trying to figure out what it says under the bill of his cap. It doesn't look like a uniform number... he wore number 12 in 1980.

Well, there you have it. I'm now 181 cards into the set, right at 25%.

Thanks again Dayf.


hiflew said...

It looks like it says E-4, which would be an odd thing for a second baseman to have on his hat. Could be why he was made an outfielder later though.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Awesome scans I like how you included the backs.

night owl said...

I'm a Dodger fan and I never picture Garner as a Dodger. (He was a Dodger in all his '88 cards, but I can't recall one game in which I saw him in a Dodger uniform).

"Scrap Iron" is always a Pirate to me, as he played a prominent role in the 1979 World Series that I watched every single game of. And I picture him as an Astro, too, because he was in the postseason a couple of times with the Astros.

Now, if you ask someone a little older, they'll tell you Garner was an Oakland A, as he came up with the team and took over for Dick Green.

Ben said...

Well, to be perfectly honest, I scan the backs of the cards for my own benefit just as much as anyone else.

I figure if I scan both sides I can look at the cards on my computer screen without having to handle them excessivly.

But sometimes there's something interesting on the back that I wouldn't notice until I put the scans together. And it's nice if I want to talk about a certain stat.

I'm glad you like them. I've been curious lately what people thought about the scans, especially the size.

Is the size good? Bigger?