Friday, May 29, 2009

Orel Hershiser TTM Success!!!!!!!!

Went to the mailbox this morning: satellite bill, insurance bill, junk mail, envelope with my handwriting, Barnes & Noble coupon... wait a minute. Envelope with my handwriting?

I looked at the post mark... Las Vegas. Wait, wait, don't get too excited, sometime they don't sign and just send the cards back.

Still, I was like a little kid being told not to open that christmas present that he knows is the Super Death Ray Blaster 7000 and is going to wet himself if he can't tear into it within in the next eight seconds.

So I stood in the driveway, ripped the envelope open and these fell out...

What better cards to send than from his amazing, Cy Young year of 1988?

Aside from Steve Avery, this is the one that I was really hoping to get back. Hershiser is a big reason that I became a baseball fan, and a fan of pitching.

After just over a month (I sent them out April 25), the cards are back home with the autograph of my childhood baseball hero.

Thank you very much, Mr. Hershiser.


night owl said...

Hey, all right! I guess mine will be coming back signed, too!

Ben said...

I kinda knew these were a long shot, but I'm overjoyed that they came back.

Of the first four I sent out, two have come home in a month.

Anonymous said...

can you tell me what address you sent to? i am a HUGE hershiser fan and haven't been able to find an address anywhere

Unknown said...

I like Orel Hershiser too. Could you tell me what address you sent to? My email please!en