Friday, June 5, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 blaster

YAY, finally found series 2. Now I know blasters aren't as economical as retail packs, but there were five packs left and every one of them had been opened and searched. So this time, I'll settle for less cards just to know they haven't been searched.

I wonder what the patch will be. With my luck it'll be fuckin' Alex Rodriguez or Manny. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Christy Mathewson, Lou Gherig, Jackie Robinson or Tony Gwynn. If it has to be one of the current players, maybe it'll be Chipper.

Let's see what we've got:

Pack 1

352 Gregor Blanco - YAY Brave.

443 Gavin Floyd
471 Kerry Wood
BCS15 Chris Denorfia
TTT30 Ryan Braun
551 Tim Redding
509 Lou Montanez
603 Jose Reyes

Pack 2
480 Prince Fielder
562 Cecil Cooper
628 Desert Power (Justin Upton, Chris Young)
351 Chris Snyder

582 Yunel Escobar - Gold Parallel 491/2009, I like the card, but the photograph is a bit blurry. And I would have chosen one where, I assume, Kelly Johnson isn't stepping on Yunel's foot.

TTT47 Carlos Beltran
625 Jim Thome
595 Vernon Wells

Pack 3
579 Adam Kennedy
618 Brandon Backe
410 Lou Piniella

LG-BR Brooks Robinson - We've all seen these, and I've posted a few of them, but I think these are beautiful cards.

TTT39 Carlos Zambrano
383 Everth Cabrea
557 Jayson Werth
513 Bronson Arroyo

Pack 4
517 Kevin Frandsen
417 Jason Marquis

431 Ramon Hernandez - Here's one that I think everyone who's written about Series 2 has posted, so I wanna get in on the action too! I think it's been a while since we've seen a truly iconic baseball card, but I think this will be on that endures the test of time. In twenty years when you think of 2009 Topps, this will probably be the card you think of first.

TTT31 Vladimir Guerrero
419 Braden Looper

479 Jose Molina - It's a Yankee and it's a bit over exposed, but I still like it.

444 Jody Gerut
344 J.R. Towels

Pack 5
464 Bobby Crosby
426 Pablo Sandoval
386 Jonathan Papelbon
430 Francisco Rodriguez

TR91 Matt Kemp - I wish Turkey Red had been a standalone set, or half the size and inserted more regularly. I only pulled three from series 1. I'd like to put together a complete set because they're really nice cards, but there's just too many of them.

TTT36 Ian Kinsler
596 Radhames Liz
541 Jason Bay

Pack 6
340 Joe Mauer

354 Mike Aviles - Oops. Everyone's shown this one too, but I just want to say one thing. I have absolutey no training in PhotoShop, but even I know how to avoid this little problem. I wonder if it'll be corrected in future printings and if it'll become a treasured error card... probably not. Hell, Topps probably meant to do it.

338 Daniel Cabrera

LGCB-LG Lou Gherig - This card is just beautiful. It's not overly shiny or refractory, it's just simple and perfect and beautiful. And any Lou Gherig card is a good one.
TTT42 Kevin Youkilis

468 Derek Lowe
457 John Maine
405 Todd Helton

Pack 7
472 Bill Hall
518 Chris Perez
542 Chris Ray
TTT26 Joe Mauer
633 David Patton
597 Randy Wolk
343 Ian Snell
380 Aramis Ramirez

Pack 8
569 Ted Lilly
617 Shaun Marcum
657 Aaron Heilman
414 Cha Seung Baek
TTT45 Alex Rios
536 Khalil Greene
428 Jamie Moyer
547 Jack Cust

Pack 9
655 Bengie Molina
512 Steve Pearce
458 Jeremy Bonderman
649 LUke Hochevar - Gold Parallel 463/2009
TTT42 Kevin Youkilis - gold
403 Trevor Cahill
602 Carlos Gomez
620 Ryan Zimmerman

Pack 10
435 Carlos Lee
466 Wilson Betemit

LG-FT Frank Thomas - The Big Hurt. The Big Hall of Famer? I think so.

TTT35 Prince Fielder
637 Donald Veal
346 Mike Cameron
654 Brian Schneider
608 Christian Guzman

Patch time. I almost thought video-ing this. But I don't want to hear everyone hear my say "fuck" a whole lot when A-Rod or Manny comes out of this package. So let's have a look...

Hey not bad. I know it's manufactured and not worth a damn, but it's very nice, and it's not a cheater!

Now I've gotta go put these cards in order and see if I got any doubles. If I did, I'll throw them up on my '09 Topps doubles list for anyone who's interested.


Chase said...

Those are great cards! I really like the Brooks Robinson one! I heard he is playing in the Sports Legends Challenge, maybe he'll be signing cards there!