Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1989 Bowman Livin' the High Life... or

Mail Day from Fat Rat

I'm a beer snob. I love beer, good beer. Keep Budweiser away from me, and bring me something dark, heavy or microbrewed. In fact, I just cracked open a bottle of Magic Hat No. 9, and fittingly, the cap says "Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?"

But I have a dirty little secret. I like Miller High Life. I don't drink it much anymore, but when money was tight in college I could always scrounge up enough change for a 40.

In the mailbox today was a heavy envelop from John, aka. Fat Rat Phillies Fan. I sent a few '09 Heritage Phillies his way and a couple other things. When I opened the envelope, this fell out:

Beer! Of course, there were some baseball cards attached to the other side.

Let's see what we got, and following 1989 Bowman tradition, we'll look at the rookies...

270 Jody Davis

340 Bill Bene - First round flop?

Bene was the fifth overall pick of the 1988 draft and pitched in relative futility for nine seasons, retiring after 1997.

366 Otis Nixon
209 Scott Bradley

245 Alex Sanchez - Alex Sanchez is not to be confused with the Alex Sanchez who played for the Brewers, Tigers, Devil Rays and Giants a few years ago (that Alex Sanchez was the first player to be suspended under the new drug policy). This Alex Sanchez pitched a grand total of four games in the Majors and left with a 10.03 ERA. Here's what Andy had to say about him over at Traded Sets, and it sums up his career pretty well.

He stuck around in the minors until 1995 and had a minor league record of 59-54/4.15 ERA in 209 games.

269 Pete Smith

75 Kevin Wickander - He was a short reliever his entire career and posted a 5-1 record, but recorded only two saves in six seasons. In 150 games, he pitched 132.2 innings, walked 85 and struck out 101.

81 Jessee Orosco
191 Eric Plunk - Another name like Bob Walk... probably should have considered another career with a name like that.

I'm now 11 away with another trade in the works that should put me even closer.

Thanks a lot John! Almost time to put this one to bed, and I almost wish it was a bigger set, I really love these cards.


Fat Rat Phillies Fan said...

Hey Ben - only vice I have (besides Phillies baseball cards) is a nice cold beer once in a while, especially Miller! I can do a Bud in a pinch; Rolling Rock is another good one! Glad you got the cards and they fit into your set! Be well, Phillies help ALWAYS appreciated!!

Fat Rat Phillies Fan said...

PS - this method of sending cards seems to work pretty well (no complaints)- put cards in one third of a 9-pocket plastic page, use cardboard to back it up and place in a business envelope. Cheaper than sending a puffy, I recycle my cardboard, and the cards make it to their destination okay! Can usually do up to 15 cards (2 oz.)for $.61!!! When you are on fixed income like old Fat Rat, it all helps!!