Monday, June 29, 2009

HUGE, combined 1988 Fleer mail day...

I didn't get around to posting the stack of 88 Fleer that Jeff from Card Junkie sent yesterday, and maybe it's a good thing. Becuase in the mail box today were two more packages. One from Fat Rat with more 1988 Fleer.

Before going to the mail box on Saturday, I had 509 of the 660 cards of 1988 FLeer. After going through both packages from Jeff and John, I'm down to needing less than 40!

So, any extra Phillies I get are going to John and I'm looking through my '09 Series 2 extras for Card Junkie.

I really don't know where to begin on these, so I'll just highlight a few of my favorite cards from the stacks.

Let's just look at a random sampling, shall we?

A very young Matt Williams. I always liked him despite the steroid allegations.

1980's glasses goodness.

"rrrrrrrrrrrrr... Zomberto Kelly eat braaaaaaaainssss..."

Like Bob Walk, Eric Plunk is a guy that I think, based solely on last name, should have chosen another career path.

In fourteen seasons, Eric only plunked 32 batters though.

Looks like Fleer stole a page out of the Topps Big Book of Bad Baseball Card Poses. I'm pretty sure there's no ball in that glove.

I have no memory of this guy playing for the Braves... or anyone else for that matter. Looks like his big league career consisted of 31 games with an 4-11 record and an ERA of over 6.

Here's a guy I really didn't want to see leave Atlanta. I like Yunel Escobar and Kelly Johnson (when he remembers how to hit) up the middle, but I miss Blauser and the Lemmer.

When I saw the 32 on his bat knob, I thought he was holding someone else's bat because I remember Blauser wearing number 4. But it looks like he had number 32 until Gary Eave was called up in 1989, at which point Blauser switched to number 4.

Well... that's it.

I want to send a huge thanks to both Jeff and John. I'm less than 40 cards from the end thanks to their generosity.

My want list will be updated pretty soon.

And check out A Pack to be Named Later sometime this afternoon for the first pack of 1988 Donruss.

Thanks again.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards.

Fat Rat Phillies Fan said...

Glad you liked the '88 Fleer - any Phillies greatly appreciated, Ben!