Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mailday 5/28 - Trade with Cardboard Junkie: Part 1

A package came in today from Dayf at the venerable Cardboard Junkie. Once again, the generosity of this community astounds me. I'm sending Dayf three 2000 Topps series 1 that he needs, and in return he sent 21 1981 Topps and 3 1989 Bowmans that I need.

We're gonna look at the Bowman first, and when I get a chance to look through the 81s I'll put up some of those.

Here's a relatively young Roger Clemens in a spring training shot. In 1989, Clemens was coming off a 18-11 season where he threw 14 complete games with eight shutouts. He also struck out 291, and finished sixth in Cy Young voting.

Looks like Schmidt has connected for something down the left field line. I wonder if this is a spring training shot becuase of the alternate jersey.

I am very much on the fence about all the alternate jerseys in baseball these days. What ever happened to just good old fashioned white at home and grey on the road? Some of the alternates look ok, and admittedly I do like the Braves' Sunday red uniforms, but that's about it. These days it almost seems like the regular white jersey is the alternate.

And then there's that camouflage thing at the Padres wore last year. I turned on the TV, flipped to a baseball game and said outloud to no one "what the fuck..."

Alternate hats get me too...

When I think about the Atlanta Braves, a team I've followed for 20 years now, the hat on the left comes to mind. I've had that hat for probably 15 years, it doesn't even fit anymore, but I keep it around for the memories. Now, I admit the black one is pretty spiffy (it was a freebie at Turner Field about ten years ago) but it's not a game hat. Seems like the Braves rarely wear that navy blue and red cap these days.

Aye, but this is a tangent for another post on another day.

And finally we have this. This is the final father/son card that I needed and it prooves one thing to me. Topps knew how to take good pictures of the Orioles, they just chose not to.

There you have part one. I want to thank Dayf for his help with this set. Just 60 more to go. And be sure to come back later to see some wonderful old 1981 Topps.


dayf said...

Glad you liked 'em!

Ben said...

Very much, thanks a lot!

'81 Topps was a sentimental choice at first, but it's pretty quickly becoming one of my favorite sets.