Friday, April 24, 2009

1988 Fleer, coming soon.

I ordered a box of 1988 Fleer this afternoon, so my 1989 Bowman site will soon become 1988 Fleer. Now I need your help in deciding on a new banner. The choices are

Number 1:

Number 1b (added another little element from the front of the card):

Number 2:

Number 2b (I cleaned up some clutter):

Number 2c:

Right now, 2b is my front runner, but I wanna see what the readers think. They are still rough drafts and I'll be tinkering with them off and on until the box gets here.

I'm open to any ideas or criticisms.



Captain Canuck said...

I'm leaning towards #1, but I've always kinda liked the candy stripes...

Ben said...

Number 1 is starting to grow on my too the more I look at it. I'll probably tinker with the font a little more. And I may move the crown logo up to where the team logo should be.

I'm starting to like 2b less and less though. 2a replicates the back of the card and I may keep it and drop the crown logo. But without the crown logo it's too empty.

Andy said...

I like 1B the best because it bears the strongest resemblance to the actual cards and makes me really feel the love.

Ben said...

I think 1b is going to be the winner, actually. It's still a toss up between 1b and 2c, but I think in the end, 1b will look the cleanest.