Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where Are They Now? Pete Stanicek

Pete is the younger brother of Steve Stanicek. Pete made it to the bigs first, making his debut on September 1, 1987, Steve made it fifteen days later. Steve, however, managed to stay in the game for a day short of a year longer.

Of the two brothers, Pete had the better career, playing in 113 games and batting .243 for the Orioles in 1987 and 1988. Steve had little more than two cups of coffee with the Brewers (4 games, 7 at bats) in 1987 and the Pirates (9 games, 9 at bats) in 1989. Steve never even got to play in the field.

I guess the point in all of these is Pete Stanicek didn't have a very memorable career. He was an up and coming second baseman, but the Orioles were pretty well stocked there with Billy Ripken, and most of his playing time in 1988 came in left field.

Two of his four home runs came off of Frank Tanana.

Where is he now? I have no clue.


Andy said...

He died last year.

Anonymous said...

He is alive and well. He is my neighbor in the suburbs of Chicago

BillyBird said...

After his brief baseball career he turned to his Stanford education to enter the corporate world. He is currently the Director of Corporate Contract Management at Health Care Service Corporation, Blue Cross Blue Shield in Chicago, Il.