Monday, April 6, 2009

Where Are They Now? Rob Ducey

For much of his career Rob Ducey was a part time player. He got more regular playing time in 1998, 1998 and 2000, but never played in more than 76 games any other season.

Neither his defensive or offensive numbers jump out at you, though he certainly wasn't a bad player.

What does jump out at you is his 2000 season. On July 26, 2000, the Phillies sent him to Toronto for a player to be named later. Five days later the Blue Jays sent John Sneed packing to Philly to complete the deal.

Sounds pretty normal. And it would have been if it had ended with that.

On August 5, 2000, the Blue Jays sent a player to be named later to Philadelphia for Mickey Morandini. Two days later, to complete the trade, Toronto sent Rob Ducey as that player to be named later.

Strange. Almost like he was traded for himself.

After being released by the Phillies in June 2001, he signed with Montreal making him the only Canadian player to have played for both Canadian teams.

Where is he now? Probably sitting at home trying to make sense out of that 2000 trade.


Andy said...

Five players visible in the background. That's a lot.

Anonymous said...

Ducey is actually the head of Pacific Rim scouting for the Blue Jays.