Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two more TTM tries going out...

I don't know if through the mail autographs will become a hobby or not. I guess we'll see how this first round of four attempts works out. If I'm successful, I'll keep at it.

Going out tomorrow are letters to Rafael Belliard and Marquis Grissom.

I spent many afternoons and evenings hoping for Raffy to hit a second home run, and when he did I couldn't stop smiling for hours. These days he's the infield coach for the Tigers, so hopefully my letter won't get lost in the stadium mail room.

Marquis Grissom is responsible for my favorite and longest lasting baseball memory. When ever I see one of his cards, my mind replays the catch he made for the final out of the 1995 World Series. Because of that catch Marquis Grissom will be forever linked to Skip Caray, in the same way I always think of Skip when I see a Sid Bream card. I watched the game on TV, but right after it was over, I went to bed and tuned into WSB 750am to listen to Skip and Pete's post game celebration. Skip was kind enough to replay his final call several times so listeners could record it, and I did.

And as an aside, I probably won't be around too much until my box of '88 Fleer gets here. The spring cleaning bug bit me about a week ago and I'm still going at it. Unfortunately, when I clean I tend to make a bigger mess in the process, so I clean one room and then have to clean another because all the stuff from the first room piles up in the second. There's gotta be an easier way.