Thursday, July 10, 2008


Pack 28 (+9)
(duplicates are indicated by bold text)
30 Mark Langston
35 Steve Sax
50 Rick Sutcliffe
175 Mike Greenwell
190 Terry Pendleton

195 Donnie Moore
237 Joe Niekro
243 Dave Meads
258 Tim Stoddard
400 Keith Hernandez
405 Glenn Wilson
420 Joey Cora
501 Reggie Jackson
519 Rick Reuschel
521 Rick Aguilera
579 Claudell Washington
576 Jim Acker

There's two of the lower than #40 cards I'm so lacking.

I had several paragraphs typed out about this card, but erased it all. I don't think too much needs to be said. The circumstances surrounding Donnie Moore's death are unfortunate and tragic. It's hard to look at any of his cards and not in some way feel sorry for the guy.

1988 was his final season.


Anonymous said...

Every time I see this card, I think about what happened. I actually saw it the other day and tried to recall just what year it did happen.