Sunday, July 6, 2008


Pack 25 (+6)
77 Dan Plesac
83 Alvin Davis

97 Casey Candaele
113 Ruben Sierra
127 Curt Wilkerson
133 Larry Andersen
281 Terry McGriff
299 Andres Thomas
301 Al Pedrique
338 Eric Show
342 Steve Trout
542 Joe Boever
447 Greg Booker
453 Rafael Belliard
656 Steve Bedrosian – '87 Highlights
653 Kirby Puckett – '87 Highlights

658 Don Mattingly – '87 Highlights

Only six cards added to the set, but it brings the total of the last three packs up to 31 of 51 possible new cards. Not as nice a pack as I'd have liked, but still not too bad all things considered.

No cards of note here, except maybe the Donnie Baseball '87 Highlights card. I've never been a big fan of Mattingly and I'm almost sorry for that. I don't like the Yankees, that's no secret. But a little part of me wants to like Mattingly.

He had a good career, but not a very long one which will probably hurt his chances for the Hall.

In 1987, Mattingly tied Dale Long's record of home runs in eight consecutive games. The record was tied again in 1993 by Ken Griffey Jr.

In other news, Braves won tonight 7 to 6 over Houston in 17 innings! The game was scheduled to begin at 1:30pm, but a nearly two hour rain delay pushed it back to 3:30. The game finally ended around 9pm. Fun game to watch.

I missed the All Star selection show, but that's ok.

Also, C.C. Sabathia is now a Brewer.

Tomorrow I want to talk a bit about the All Star game and what it means and how it relates to my interest in baseball and 1988 Score (there's a connection, at least for me there is). So tune in for that.