Thursday, July 17, 2008


Pack 35 (+8)
8 Jesse Barfield
12 Ozzie Smith
103 Dave Schmidt

147 Franklin Stubbs
153 Tim Laudner
167 Ed Whitson
319 Rick Mahler
321 Mariano Duncan
358 Tom Pagnozzi
362 Domingo Ramos
378 Leon Durham
467 Jerry Mumphrey
473 Darren Daulton
487 Tony Armas

655 Juan Nieves – '87 Highlights
660 Paul Molitor – '87 Highlights
652 Vince Coleman – '87 Highlights

With this pack I completed the '87 Highlights subset, which is the last nine cards of the set.

First up is Juan Nieves, he pitched the first, and only, no-hitter in Brewers history in 1987 as a 22 year old. An arm injury ended his career after the 1988 season. These days he's the bullpen coach for the White Sox.

Next we have Vince Coleman. 1987 marks his fourth consecutive 100+ stolen base season. Good for him. I'm no fan of Coleman, for obvious reasons, but I think it's interesting that his two cards in this set are nearly identical.

The Highlights card clearly shows him stealing second base on the pitcher's move to the plate. But I'm not so sure what he's looking at in the regular card. He's wearing batting gloves, which would lead me to believe he's running to first on a hit, but where's he looking? If he's trying to bunt for a hit he needs to be looking towards first base, not at the camera man.

Finally, in 1987 Paul Molitor hit safely in 39 consecutive games. While he was several hits shy of DiMaggio's record, Molitor's is the 7th longest hitting streak in MLB history.