Sunday, January 18, 2009

1987 Donruss

Well, coming off one awesome pack and one not half bad pack of 88 Donruss, let's go back in time a year to 1987 and see what's going on.

1987 Donruss:

Rafael Palmeiro - Rated Rookie
Todd Worrell
Joe Sambito

John Franco
Bud Black
Manny Lee
Aurelio Lopez
Dave Righetti
Terry Steinbach - Rated Rookie
Jerry Browne - Rated Rookie
Mark Ryal - this card is about a milimeter taller than all the others

Chris Brown - RIP (in my opinion his 1987 Topps card has the best photo in the set)
Tom Brunansky
Dave Smith
Bob Tewksbury
Roberto Clemente's feet

Maybe this is a let down after that first pack of 88, but still not a half bad pack. Probably pretty nice back in '87 with the three Rated Rookies.

In my opinion there's two potential Hall of Famers in this pack with Palmeiro and John Franco. We'll have to wait and see how the writers treat the steroid era with Palmeiro. Whether or not he used intentionally (that's a strange, strange story) or not, he put up some amazing numbers. I think he's got a good shot.

Franco though is a long shot, but I think he'll end up there eventually after a few other closers go in first. His numbers are solid, 424 saves, 2.89 ERA.

As to Chris Brown... I know we're talking about 87 Donruss here, but his 87 Topps card has always been my favorite of that set. Admittedly, I had no clue who Chris Brown was in 1987, and I don't know too much about his career now. It's not a rare card, it's not a valuable card. He was an average baseball player, but his 87 Topps card is a very nice looking card. He died in 2006. I wish more cards in that set were as nice.

There, wasn't that fun? Three packs of Donruss.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Palmeiro rookie is a nice pull