Friday, January 16, 2009

1988 Donruss

Awhile back I received a package from Stats on the Back during his "take 'em or they're going in the dumpster" give away. In that package were three packs of Donruss, one '87 and two '88s.

I mentioned at the time that I'd open them here and throw some scans up. I opened one of them and then my computer blew up and I forgot all about the other two.

Seeing how it never got over 25 degrees today I figured it was as good a time as any to clean the house up. While cleaning up the kitchen table, guess what I found under a pile of junk mail?

So strap yourselves in for some truly ugly, nasty, poor quality, but greatly entertaining baseball cards.

Here's the pack that I opened, still in original order.

Tom Glavine
Tommy Hinzo
Candy Maldonado

Mark McGwire
Jeff Reardon
Jody Reed - Rated Rookie
Ruben Sierra
Harold Baines
Mike Moore
Mark Davis
Mike Devereaux
Diamond Kings Checklist
Jeff Hamilton
Mike Dunne

Dale Murphy - MVP

Stan Musial's Chin (Puzzle Pieces 40, 41, 42)

Not a bad pack overall (considering what it is... but hey, I like '88 Donruss... please don't hit me). Murph MVP card, a McGwire that was a big deal back in '88 and a Tom Glavine rookie card right on top. While not really superstars, Reardon, Sierra and Baines had very nice careers.

Pack two is coming up tomorrow and the 87 Donruss on Sunday. Can't wait to see what horrors are to be unleashed.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

That might be the greatest pack of '88 Donruss ever created. Glavine rookie on top (the only decent card in the set) plus a McGwire and Murph.

gcrl said...

plus, glavine's pic was taken at dodger stadium! nice card!

tastelikedirt said...

not only that, the Dale Murphy card was taken at the Oakland Coliseum.