Thursday, January 29, 2009

Young Superstars #3 - Sam Horn

Syd Thrift was right, Sam Horn did hit the ball with a lot of power. But that's about all he did. In six seasons he played in over 100 games once (121 games in 1991 for Baltimore. He averaged just over 60 games a year, and all that power netted him 62 career home runs. Fielding wasn't his cup 'o tea, as he played in only 12 games at first base.

But what Sam Horn is most remembered for is the creation of the term horn. A horn is the bigger cousin of the hat trick. You see, in 1992 while playing with the Baltimore Orioles, Sam Horn managed to strike out six times in an extra inning game.

Of the three cards we've seen so far, this one has the best looking picture on the back of the card. McGwire looked confused and Santiago looked high. Mr. Horn sure did have a nice looking swing in this picture though.

Sam Horn's career statistics


MMayes said...

Sam's career (or lack thereof) apparently had such an impact that the number one message board for Red Sox fans is Sons of Sam Horn. Kind of like the intramural basketball team in my law school days called the Disciples of Ruben Kincaid.

Ben said...

hmmm. Interesting. I think some further research on Mr. Horn my be in order here.

I did have a look at that fan forum, looked like an interesting place. Maybe Dayf should start a Braves forum in honor of Mark Lemke.

Andy said...

I think that's Dwight Evans directly behind Horn (not the guy in full view on the left, but the guy almost completely blocked by Horn.)