Saturday, January 17, 2009

1988 Donruss pack two

After a pretty good first pack, let's see what pack two has to offer.

Pack 2:

Carl Nichols - complete with wax stain
Jim Eisenreich
Tommy Herr

Paul Molitor - Diamond King

Nolan Ryan
Eric King
Alan Ashby
Alan Trammell
Mark Grant

Ozzie Smith
Rick Rhoden
John Candelaria
Dan Petry
Mel Hall
Von Hayes

Stan Musial's midget doppelganger (Puzzle Pieces 34, 35, 36)

Another pretty OK pack. Three Hall of Famers and one that probably should be there (Trammell).

The photography in this set isn't the best in the world. Certainly not on par with the '88 Score cards that we've been looking at here. The overall quality of these cards is a downgrade from what Donruss put out in 1987. The set seems rushed at all stages from design to photography to manufacture. Even in the days before full-bleed, photostock baseball cards, the color saturation on these cards is lacking.

I still like the set though. I can't help it.

Did anyone ever actually put these puzzles together?


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Cardboard Junkie has all the puzzles from '82-'91 I think