Saturday, January 31, 2009

Young Superstars #5 - Matt Nokes

After sips of coffee in '85 and '86, Matt Nokes stuck in the Tigers line up in 1987 and did pretty well for himself. We'd probably be talking about his 32 home runs as a rookie catcher today had another rookie not hit 49 that same season.

Despite having fairly productive years in 1991 and '92 on some less than spectacular Yankees teams, Nokes never again showed the promise that he did in 1987. After retiring in 1995 he spent some time in the independant leagues as a player and coach (and one season in the Mexican league).

Thus far, I'm having trouble deciding whether I like the photo on this card or the McGwire card better. Maybe at the end of this thing we'll have some voting for best looking card.

Matt Nokes' career statistics