Thursday, June 26, 2008

15 > 14, '08 Topps Opening Day

Pack 15 (+14)
(duplicates are indicated by bold text)
57 Tom Henke
63 Bob Boone
77 Dan Plesac
204 Garth Iorg
216 Jimmy Key
113 Ruben Sierra
261 Tom Neidenfuer
279 Willie Upshaw
281 Terry McGriff
427 Mike Flanagan
433 Wallace Johnson
338 Eric Show
538 Walk Terrell

542 Joe Boever
447 Greg Booker
656 Steve Bedrosian – '87 Highlights
653 Kirby Puckett – '87 Highlights

A bit more to say than yesterday. Overall the best pack out of the last ten, in terms of cards added to the set. I've had the set tracker going for a while and it's updated after every pack, but I'm gonna try something else in addition to that. Starting today, and running for as long as I remember to do it (probably just today), next to the pack header, I'll be showing how many cards were added to the set with that day's pack. So today, we're +14.

For the first several days, I was also adding the Magic Motion Trivia Card into the list, but I dropped that... ok, I forgot about it. I think at the end of the box, I'll do a run down of all of those little pieces of goodness.

No real big stars in this one (not counting the Highlights cards), but I did always like Ruben Sierra. He had a very solid twenty year career, retiring in 2006. Over 20 seasons, his batting average was a few points higher than the league average, and he finished second in MVP voting behind Robin Yount.

I'm not saying he's a candidate for the Hall of Fame, but I wouldn't be surprised if he stays on the ballot at least for a few years when he's eligible.

Here's a nice picture of Sierra swinging for the fences. This may be the first blue card I've shown here. I always liked the blue border the best. '88 Score was divided into six colors of 110 cards each.

And now the two Highlights cards for this pack.

First up is Kirby Puckett. What an amazing player he was. I was always amazed watching that fat man move. Sure, he had some issues come up in his private life after baseball, but while he was a player he was nothing but class.

Watching Atlanta lose the 1991 World Series (no Kent Hrbek jokes today) was helped a bit by getting to see Puckett play.

This '87 Highlight card commemorates Kirby's ten hits over a two game period, August 29 and 30.

Sadly, his career ended far too early after losing sight in his right eye during Spring Training in 1996 (where he was hitting .360). What could he have done with another ten years? 4,000 hits? 400 home runs? Would he have continued to hit over .300? The world will unfortunately never know.

He was elected to the HoF in 2001, and died five years later. Rest in Peace Mr. Puckett, you'll always be one of my favorites.

1987 was a banner year for Steve Bedrosian: 5-3, 2.83 ERA, 40 saves. He set a Major League record for consecutive saves and ended the year with some pretty impressive accolades. He was selected to the All-Star team, and was eventually named as The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year, Rolaids Relief Man of the Year and, most importantly, National League Cy Young winner.

This is a long one, but we're almost finished.

I was at Wal-Mart this afternoon and picked up a box of 2008 Topps Opening Day cards for less than $10. 11 packs of 6 cards each. For that price, I may go back and get the other four boxes they had.

Nothing special, but fun to open and see what all's going on the world of baseball cards these days.

I did get this though:

It may be a common, and he may be out for the year. But he is without a doubt a future Hall of Famer and one of my all time favorites.


Andy said...

So, it would seem that the Bedrosian card photo was taken during the All-Star game, since there is a Montreal Expo playing defense in the background.

But, which Expo is it?

Looking at the 1987 All-Star game:

Bedrock's only AS appearance, the only Expos in the game were Tim Wallach and Tim Raines. The Expo looks to be black, which leaves only Raines, except that he's clearly playing infield while Raines played LF in the game.

Who knows what's going on?