Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pack 3 and Upper Deck

Pack 3 (6/14/08)
14 Jim Rice
126 Dave Valle
134 Bob Brenlry
146 Robby Thompson
290 Dan Quisenberry
295 Mike Morgan
310 Ron Guidry
389 Pat Clements
379 Ed Olwine
504 Reggie Jackson - Oakland
501 Reggie Jackson - Baltimore
491 Mike Loynd
603 Ozzie Guillen
617 Dave Engle
623 Randy Milligan

Two Reggie Jackson cards make this pack a pretty good one. In 1988, Score celebrated Jackson's final tour of the league with a special five card subset featuring his career.

Card #504 is his final regular issue card and has hit career stats, cards #500 - #503 give some information on his time with each of the four teams he played with.

The rookie of the pack is Randy Milligan. Who? Milligan was a guy with some potential who never really caught on. He played with six teams over the course of his seven year career. Currently he's a scout with the Orioles organization.

And, as promised, here's my first experience with 2008 Upper Deck.

I know this is nothing new to most of you, but when my interest in baseball cards resurfaced a few months ago, it was focused mostly on older cards. Cards and players I knew as a kid. But while out buying some card pages I spotted a rack pack of '08 Upper Deck, series one and two. So I bought one of each.

Last night I opened the Series 1 pack and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the quality and design of these cards. I didn't get anything too special, but I enjoyed it and will probably end up picking up some more of these cards.

Tonight I'm opening the Series 2 rack pack, I guess we'll see what happens.


Unknown said...

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Kevin Stafford said...

Randy Milligan - remember him well. Starting 1st basemen on the '89 Orioles "Why Not?" team.

I actually modeled my little league batting stance after him - which probably explains why my ball playing days ended around the time I was 14.