Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pack seven, oops, and a link

We'll start with the link first. Please, if you haven't seen it before, check out Mario Alejandro's Wax Heaven. It'll have a permenant spot on links list here as well.

Oops, because I mentioned several days ago that I was going to open the series 2 rack pack of '08 Upper Deck. I found them on the floor under the bed when I went to retreive today's pack of '88 Score which the cat batted off the desk and onto the floor. I'll assume she's also responsible for the UD cards taking a floorward journey.

Nothing too special in the pack. I pulled a Kelly Johnson, one of my favorite current Braves, so not too bad overall.

Now to the topic at hand.

Pack 7
(duplicates are indicated by bold text)
37 Alan Trammell
43 Kent Hrbek
176 Greg Minton
184 Danny Darwin
196 Dan Pasqua
239 Doug DeCinces
241 Rich Gedman
259 Ed Romero
393 Mike Young
407 Jeff Kunkel
413 Frank DiPino
502 Reggie Jackson – New York
518 Don Aase
522 Jay Howell
646 Jeff Treadway – Rookie Propect
649 Speed and Power (Eric Davis, Tim Raines)
659 Mark McGwire - 1987 Highlights

This is the best pack so far.

There's not much to say about Alan Trammell that isn't already out there. He had a great career, all of it in once city which by the 1980s was becoming a rarity. Should he be in the Hall of Fame? By his numbers yes. But as much of a celebration of talent as it is, the HoF is also a popularity contest. Unfortunately, Trammell played on a small market team and didn't get the exposure as his counterparts in New York, Chicago and LA.

I'm confident that he'll make it though. He was just too good not to be there.

Next we have Kent Hrbek. As a Braves fan it's taken me seventeen years to get over game 2 of the 1991 World Series. But I'll admit, grudgingly as it may be, that he had a pretty good career. Beyond his career he's done a lot of charity work and is all in all an upstanding citizen.

But come on Kent, we all know you pulled Gant off the bag.

I lack one more card of completing the Reggie Jackson subset (of five cards, woo). This is the Reggie that everyone remembers.

And finally, we have this. See yesterday's post for comments on steroids and the like.

Like I said about Canseco, Mark McGwire was one of the biggest things in baseball in 1988 and he deserves to be here, highlighted for what he did 20 years ago, not what he did in 1998.

In 1987 McGwire hit 49 homeruns as a rookie. That's impressive. Especially considering how skinny he was back then.


capewood said...

I was never a fan of the late 1980's Score sets. In fact I was never much of a fan of Score at all although I bought the complete 1990 set when it was new. But if I come across the cards I'll keep them because, really, I never met a baseball card I didn't like. I'm not a set collector but I like to get all the subsets of a set. I have about 200 1988 Score cards but I'd never seen the Reggie Jackson subset.