Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pack Four

Pack 4 (6/15/08)
(duplicates are indicated by bold text)
12 Ozzie Smith
28 Jose Cruz
32 Juan Samuel
162 Bob Walk
178 Mike Kingery
254 Johnny Ray
266 Willie Randolph
274 Dick Schofield
369 Mike Birkbeck
371 Dave Collins
389 Pat Clements
447 Greg Booker
453 Rafael Belliard
467 Jerry Mumphrey
588 Gene Nelson
583 Jeff DeWillis
586 Andy Allanson

42 Ebbets Field, 4/15/47

Four packs in and the doubles start to show up. For now it doesn't look like doubles in this box will be as irritating as in my last box of '87 Topps. In the Topps box, if you pulled a double, you knew there was a good chance that the next two to four cards would also be doubles.

There's nothing in this pack to get excited about. No rookies, nothing special at all. I did always like Rafael Belliard though, gotta pull for the underdog.