Monday, June 16, 2008

Pack Five

Pack 5 (6/16/08)
61 Charlie Leibrandt
71 Keith Moreland
171 Pat Sheridan
189 Gary Templeton
191 Larry Parish
324 Dan Gladden
221 Kurt Stillwell
239 Doug DeCinces
338 Eric Show
335 Mike Scott
340 Paul Molitor
472 Ellis Burks
480 Richard Dotson
475 Frank Viola
601 Dennis Martinez
619 Don Robinson
621 Nelson Liriano

Not a bad pack. No doubles which is always nice. Only two doubles in five packs isn't half bad. That means out of 85 possible cards thus far, I have 83 unique cards. If the rest of the box is this good, I may be able to complete the set. So far, adding in what I already had, I have 178 of 660 cards. Pretty good with 31 packs left to open.

It's always nice to pull a Paul Molitor. As far as I'm concerned, pulling any Hall of Famer, no matter what the monetary value of the card is always nice.

Sad note in this pack, Eric Show (1956-1994). A very outspoken player, and a good career until the drugs got him.