Friday, June 13, 2008

Pack Two

Pack 2
68 Vince Coleman
65 Dwight Evans
70 Tim Wallach
129 Ozzie Virgil
131 Lance Parrish
149 Bobby Witt
276 Gene Larkin
284 Luis Salazar
343 Jerry Don Gleaton
346 John Morris
349 Earnest Riles
487 Tony Armas
484 Rich Yett
481 Kevin Mitchell
651 Super Shortstops (Fernandez, Ripken, Trammell)
559 Rob Murphy
561 Manny Lee

54 Ebbets Field, 9/16/24

Nothing great here, except the Super Shortstops card.

(please pardon my nearly ten year old scanner... the smudges are on the scanner, not the card)

Cal Ripken Jr. has always been one of my favorite players of all time. He played the game the way it should be played, he played every day, and he was really good at what he did. Actually, Ripken along with his 2007 Hall of Fame classmate, Tony Gynn, have my deepest respect as people and as baseball payers.

Any card with Mr. Ripken is a good pull in my book.

The other two guys featured on this card had great careers as well.

Despite being a first set, '88 Score is one of the best looking sets of the '80s. The photography was good, most were action shots. But I'm not sure what went wrong with this card. Tony Fernandez is barely recognizable and Ripken and Trammell are both mostly in shadow. Oh well... this picture was probably taken at the only opportunity given with all three players in the same place.

The Budweiser sign is interesting too. Where Topps usually airbrushes that stuff out, Score either didn't notice, or didn't care.

Tomorrow, pack three and my first experience with 2008 Upper Deck.


EVEGA said...

how much is this card worth #651 super short stops

Ben said...

Goes for about a dollar on ebay, but prices there are a bit high. People are selling it on for between 18 and 50 cents.

If you like Beckett, the most recent one I have (1990) lists it at 20 cents.