Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pack 17

Pack 17 (+14)
90 Bert Blyleven
95 Rob Deer
110 Roger Clemens
125 Curt Young
140 Charlie Hough
145 Dennis Walling
297 Terry Francona
303 Wally Backman
317 Frank Williams
348 Dave Leiper
352 Pat Dodson
449 Ron Kittle
451 Bob Dernier
469 Bruce Bochy
580 Jeffery Leonard
572 Donnie Hill
577 Jamie Quirk

I don't have a lot to say about today's pack, and I'm going to start trying to get these things done earlier in the afternoon. Like I've said the past several days, this no sleeping thing has got to stop. I got a new job (well same place different job), and I'm not used to the schedule yet. I love my schedule, 7 to 4 everyday, which isn't much different from my old schedule, but something just hasn't clicked yet. I'd like to have two days off in a row just to work this sleep schedule out, but whatever.

Moving right along.

Like with McGwire and Canseco, it's hard to look at Roger Clemens in the perspective of 1988. I could go on and on about how he's tarnished his reputation for ever, but what good does that do? If I'd pulled this card twenty years ago, I'd have loved it. I didn't know what steroids were when I was seven years old.

I'm happy to have pulled this card, he was amazing pitcher in the late 80s. In 1988 he was coming off his second straight Cy Young year and went 18 - 12, finishing sixth in CY voting.

We're still moving along at a very good pace. 39 of the last 51 cards have been added to the set. We will soon be passing the 50% mark.