Sunday, June 29, 2008

18th Episode Special

Well, here we are, halfway home.

Despite the mathematical impossibility of completion, we're not doing too badly. Counting in the cards that I previously had, we're up to 326 of 660, almost 50%. Of course, I've replaced all but 20 of the original cards out of this box, so the actual number from this box alone is 306 of 660, still not too bad.

It's interesting that I'm missing a whole lot of the purple cards and the lowest number I've pulled thus far is 3, Tim Raines.

All that said, pack 18 yielded another 11 cards to the set bringing the total since pack 13 to 50 new cards out of 68 possible.

Here we go...

Pack 18 (+11)
68 Vince Coleman
72 Barry Larkin
88 Alfredo Griffin
218 Calvin Schiraldi
115 Milt Thompson
130 Brian Fisher

314 Joe Sambito
326 Tracy Jones
223 Dave Martinez
429 Juan Castillo
431 Phil Garner
339 Mitch Williams
458 Dave Stewart
462 Jim Winn
478 Jeff Musselman
593 Rick Manning
598 Ross Jones

The shining star of this pack is Barry Larkin. I don't think there's anything that can keep him out of the Hall of Fame in a few years. He's one of the good guys in baseball that really knew how to play the game and I wouldn't be surprised if he popped up as a manager at some point in the future.

Larkin accomplished some pretty amazing things over his nineteen year career. He was a twelve time All Star, three Gold Gloves and nine Silver Sluggers. All of that was capped off with the 1995 National League MVP Award.