Monday, February 16, 2009

Cards at Wal-Mart, part 2

It was with great dismay that I discovered this fine afternoon that I was out of peanut butter. Dismay because I'd already spread the jelly on the last two slices of bread...

So off I went to Wal-Mart to get some peanut butter and more bread. I decided that since most of the cards in that raped and violated pack I bought a few days ago were ones that I needed that I'd just keep it. It's not worth the hassle to try and return it again.

With bread and peanut butter in hand, I couldn't help but swing by the card section. This time I was more careful. Still no packs of '09 Upper Deck and the gravity feed box of '09 Topps was nearly empty. I stuck my hand in and out came three packs. All of which had been opened. I didn't even bother to count the cards. Whether or not they'd been opened and searched and were missing anything, I didn't want it.

I'm not sure when the vendors stock this Wal Mart, but I may head over to the Wal Mart in the next town over tomorrow afternoon and see if they have any '09 Topps. I realized why it's so easy for the thieves (at the point where they're taking the inserts and leaving everything else, they're no longer pack searchers, they're thieves) to get cards. The card section is at a register that I've seen open only a few times in the ten years I've lived here. So there's no one around to watch over it.

I guess it's better the way it is, instead of having to ask someone to get a pack for you, but it's still irritating as hell that it's so easy to swipe the cards. I wonder how many packs get stolen because not every pack seems to have the antitheft device on the advertisement card. None of the packs I bought at Target had one... of course, at the Target in Asheville, NC the card section is visible to everyone.

Oh well...


night owl said...

There are two Wal-Marts near me. The one closest to me has had the worst selection of cards for the last 6 months. It used to be pretty good. But there seems to have been some executive decision in late August that said they were going to piss on collectors from now on. I've almost stopped going there altogether.