Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You learn something new every day.

I've always considered myself a pretty observant guy. I may have the attention span of an eggplant sometimes, but I usually pick up on just about everything that's going on around me. And despite playing the violin for nearly twenty years and listening to heavy metal for fifteen, I hear very very well.

But everynow and then something slips by.

I have lived in this town since I started college at Western Carolina University in 1999, nearly ten years. Driving home this afternoon I noticed something that's probably been there a lot longer than ten years, something that I've passed everyday that I've lived in my current house (nearly four years) and something that I should be pretty interested in.

Going down the road I just happened to look over and see a little building with a sign that said "SPORTS COLLECTABLES."

"What's this?" I ask myself. "How long has that been there? Why am I just noticing it now?" Now I've only been back in the hobby for about a year now, so this place wouldn't have been any interest to me a year ago, but you'd think I'd have noticed it.

So here I've been fretting over pack searchers at Wal Mart and whether or not they're going to have Heritage, and there's potentially a place not ten minutes from my house that could have cards.

The more I've been thinking about it lately, a little part of me doubts that Wally World is going to get Heritage. I didn't buy a lot of new cards last year, but the two sets that interested me the most, Allen & Ginter and Heritage, Wal-Mart never carried and therefore I didn't get any.

So I guess I'll be on the phone with this place tomorrow afternoon to see if I can pick up some Heritage on the way home.


Maybe not.  Now Heritage is supposed to be here on Friday.  grrr.