Monday, February 23, 2009

My brand new top of the line stereo system...

After my new found interest in old time radio I decided I needed a top of the line stereo system in the bedroom to run my iPod into (for times when the computer isn't on).

Don't mind the cat and her demon eyes, she refused to move.

Beauty ain't she? Aside from the cost of the iPod, it cost a grand total of probably about ten bucks. The amp is a low end Pyramid 120 watt PA amp that I rescued from a thrift store a few years ago and threw some new wire in... works like a charm now. It's a mono amp so I didn't feel the need for two speakers. The speaker I swiped from a friend's trash pile. He said they didn't work, so I took both speakers, rewired them and they sound great for what they are.

Sounds pretty good. Nothing like the actual high end system I have in the living room. I'm a bit of an audiophile and have pieced it together part by part over the past six or eight years. But for what I'm using this for, it's perfect.

Didn't cost much but a few minutes to dig up all the parts.