Monday, February 9, 2009

Young Superstars #14 - Chris James

For the first time, there's not really a lot to say. As a player he was just average, but he was involved in two important trades in 1989.

In June he was sent to the Padres in a deal for John Kruk (who we'll see here in a few days). And in December he was traded to the Indians, along with Carlos Baerga and Sandy Alomar, for Joe Carter.

The front of this card is held together nicely by the blue border and the burgandy of the Phillies logo. James looks a bit confused on the back of the card though.

Chris James' career statistics


Andy said...

James was very promising after that 1987 and he did have a pretty decent career, finishing with an OPS+ of 99.

I find it funny that they got a quote from Woody Woodward on the back. He was GM for the Phillies from October 1987 to just June of 1988. That has got to be the shortest stint at GM for a non-interim guy.

MMayes said...

Chris James and Randy Ready always struck me as being the same guy.