Friday, February 20, 2009

Cards at Wal-Mart, part 3...

This is interesting and reaffirms a bit (a tiny bit, but a bit all the same) some of my faith in humanity.

I'm not one to complain (rant maybe, but not formally complain), but I decided to send Wal Mart an email about what was going on in their card section (I didn't tell them about the lady at the customer service counter). Got an email back from them wanting to know store location, number and all that jazz. They also wanted my name, address and number. So I replied and didn't give it another thought.

So I'm sitting here this afternoon and my phone vibrated. I answered and it was the assistant manager from Wal Mart, apologizing for what happened and telling me that it's a big problem.

I told her that I wasn't really complaining and that I know there's not a whole lot they can do about it. She thanked me for my concern, and then told me to bring come by and get a refund. Keep the cards, but come by and get my money back.

So I guess I'll be headed off to Wal Mart this afternoon to get $2. Woo. As close to falling asleep as I am right now, I'll probably use that $2 for Mountain Dew instead of cards... I need caffeine.


halos17 said...

Wow. So customer service does still matter at some places?? Good to hear! I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the interesting content!