Sunday, February 15, 2009

Young Superstars #20 - Bill Ripken

Here's ol' Fuck Face himself. If not for his infamous 1989 Fleer card, and brother was was a marginally better baseball player, Billy Ripken would probably be forgotten in baseball history.

The Fuck Face incident is a shame really, because in all honesty, Billy wasn't a bad ball player. He certainly wasn't the same level of player as his brother Cal, but Billy was a solid defensive second baseman. He even had the opportunity to play on a team with his older brother and be managed by his father, at the same time. That must have been a very special couple of years for the Ripken family.

There's a very good possibility that this photo was taken during the same at bat as his base release photo (it's obvious that they were taken during the same game).

Slightly different angle, but the base card is the beginning of a very awkward and the Young Superstars card is the conclusion of a very awkward swing.

Billy Ripken's career statistics