Thursday, February 26, 2009

Young Superstars #31 - Todd Benzinger

Not a very good photo on the front of this card. It's a late afternoon shot with the shadow of the stadium creeping into play. The picture on the back looks a lot like a twenty five year old Ron Howard.

The Red Sox being pretty high on this guy when he came up, but he never really stuck in one place for very long. The only thing I can remember about him is that he played on the Reds 1990 World Series winning team.

Digging into his stats there's really not a lot to say. In 1988 and 1989 he showed a little potential for power at the plate, but never hit more than 9 home runs any other year of his career. He led the National League in both at bats and outs in 1989, nothing to be too proud of.

He's managing the Dayton Dragons, an A level farm team of the Cincinnati Reds system.

Todd Benzinger's career statistics


bloggerDK said...

Benzinger was one of those guys that the Sox brass felt was going to be a huge part of their team, but no one else did. You know, like Julio Lugo.