Saturday, February 7, 2009

Young Superstars #12 - Devon White

Next to McGwire, Devon White had probably the best career of those we've seen so far. White was a three time All Star and seven time Gold Glove winner, as well as being part of three World Series champion teams.

But when I think of Devon White, I think of the catch and subsequent bad call in the 1992 World Series against the Braves. In game three, White made a spectacular catch on a David Justice fly ball and nearly turned a triple play. Terry Pendleton over ran Deion Sanders for the second out, but Sanders was called safe at second although the tag beat him. At the time I was glad to see the call go in favor of the Braves, but it was a bad call and the umpire later admitted that he missed it.

White had a long career as one of the top center fielders of the era. These days he's working in the Washington Nationals organization.

The gals at Dinged Corners would like the smile Mr. White is giving us on the back of the card. And the card gets points for the nice old Angels logo, especially the solid color one on the back of the card. I know several years have gone by, but I just can't get used to this Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim crap... What was wrong with the California Angels? Or at the very least the Anaheim Angels... bah!

Devon White's career statistics


Dinged Corners said...

dear ben,thank you so much for posting this picture!I think devon has a very nice smile.

thanks again!


Ben said...

Lucy, you're very welcome :).