Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Young Superstars #16 - Terry Steinbach

Terry Steinbach was a three time All Star in the late 80s, and MVP of the '88 Mid-Summer Classic. He was also a part of Oakland's 1989 World Series championship team.

I remember Terry Steinbach very well from his time with the A's in the late 80s and for some reason I seemed to have a lot of his cards. Every year during the World Series I'd go through my baseball cards and get out as many as I could of players on the two teams. When I got back into collecting in '08, a lot of my late 80s Dodgers and A's cards were still together.

The green in the border goes very well with his equipment and the card gets points for a catcher in full gear (it's be better if he had his mask on, but you don't always get what you want). The picture on the reverse of the card looks too much like a mugshot. This is also the first card showing a player doing something other than batting or pitching. However, it's not a very interesting picture.

Terry Steinbach's career statistics


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