Monday, February 16, 2009

Young Superstars #21 - Ozzie Guillen

Here's our first future manager, the always loveable Ozzie Guillen. As a player, Ozzie was one of what has turned out to be a dying breed, an all glove no hit shortstop. He managed ok with the bat, but his forte was the glove.

He is the owner of a Gold Glove, winner of the 1985 AL Rookie of the Year award, and a three time All Star. Later in life, he added American League Manager of the Year to his resume.

Through 2008, he's managed the White Sox to a 433-378 record, winning the World Series in 2005.

The photo on the front of this card looks like it was taken in Boston (green fence and what looks like a Red Sox cap on the left edge). But the picture on the reverse was taken at the same time as his base 88 Score card. Not sure where though.

Ozzie Guillen's career playing and managerial statistics