Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mail day part 1: 1987 Topps

Two packages showed up today. Well, actually three, but the third was toys for my cat, so I won't post pictures of that one here.

One from Jeff at Card Junkie, and the other from Phillies fan John, you can see his Phillies Want List here.

We're gonna start with the card from Card Junkie. Several days ago I sent him two of the 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights he needed for his set, and he sent along one of the remaining 1987 Topps cards I need. I'm now down to five.

It's Bob Shirley on a very bright, over exposed day somewhere. It doesn't really look like Yankee Stadium, so maybe a spring training shot. I've never been to Florida, so I don't know if it's bright and over exposed or not.

Check back later for some nifty 1981 Topps goodies from John.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I got the cards you sent as well.

Thanks for helping me with U&H, I'm only two cards away now.