Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Young Superstars #23 - Dave Magadan

Dave Magadan is a player that doesn't really get as much credit as he deserved. He was an outstanding contact hitter in his six seasons with the Mets, but was overlooked on a team with Strawberry, Gooden and an aging Keith Hernandez. After leaving New York he continued to put up repectable numbers at the plate, but in an era of power hitters, he was forgotten. His life time batting average is solid at .288. His .328 in 1990 even earned him a few MVP votes.

He never developed the power the his cousin (and godfather), Lou Piniella mentioned on the back of the card. But the ability to hit the ball to all fields is vital.

Limited playing time hurt his numbers for much of his career and he never could stick as a starter for too long in any one place.

These days, Magadan is the hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox and in his time there, team batting has improved.

The photo on the front of the card shows us a nice level swing, head down to keep the eye on the ball all the way through the strike zone. I'm not sure about the front, but the head shot on the reverse was taken at the same time as the base release.

Dave Magadan's career statistics