Friday, February 20, 2009

Cards at Wal-Mart part 4

Well... I knew it was too soon to put up a want list for '09 Topps.

I swung by Wal Mart on the way home got my $2.11 cents back, stopped by the card section and what do I find? Jumbo packs. So I bought two.

At least I remembered to also buy my Mountain Dew... er... Mtn Dew... what the hell. I guess the economy has gotten so bad Pepsi can't afford the oun-ai. Oh well, it's still caffeinated goodness.


Oh holy jumping jesus fish! Those two jumbo packs SUCKED! I added 17 SEVENTEEN!!! cards to my set. One more Turkey Red and one more Legends of the Game. Wow, I'm depressed.

At least my Mountain Mtn Dew was good.

Ok, so I'm done ripping packs for a while now. At least until Heritage comes out.


Looking back on it, it was kinda satisfying to slice A-Rod in half with a knife to get to the cards inside. I guess I should be thankful that my knife didn't crumble the second it made contact with his steroid enhanced muscles.

caffeine and beer make me loopy...


night owl said...

I bought 2 jumbo '09 Topps packs today, too! I made out better than you. No real special cards, just a bunch that I needed.

Ben said...

Oh well. It was the first time I'd seen the jumbo packs. They also had little boxes. It said they contained a refractor. I guess they're just a new size of blaster? Blasters always seemed like a waste of space.

I didn't feel like paying $20 for a refractor though. So I opted to pay $10 for seventeen cards. YAY

Oh well. Heritage will be along soon to soothe my heartache.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Yeah I picked up one of those.
They're called "cereal boxes" because they're the size of a mini pack of cereal. 51 base cards, a Topps Town, a Turkey Red, a Legend of the Game and a special refractor for 10 bucks not bad but not as economical as a $5 jumbo of 33 base cards, a Topps Town and a Legend of the Game. I think I'm gonna buy three more jumbos and I should be close enough to trade for the rest.

Ben said...

AH HA! So THAT's what everyone's talking about when they say cereal box.

I was standing in the card section looking for something the size of a box of Cheerios. d'oh

$10 eh? I thought they were marked $19.97 here... could have been tagged wrong.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Yeah, I didn't even know what it was called when I bought it but 55 cards for $10 I thought eh why not and when I got home and looked it up I found out it was indeed the elusive "cereal box."

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