Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 Topps Series 1: The end.

Yesterday the final three cards I needed to complete '09 Topps Series 1 came in. The cards came from Kris of Free Fantasy Baseball Magazine. I didn't realize that the cards were coming from Canada, and there was another nice surprise included. We've all seen the cards, so I'll show the other thing.

It's a nifty program/schedule/brochure/thingy from the '09 World Baseball Classic that Kris picked up at one of the games. I watched a lot of the '09 Classic and really enjoyed it, so this is a nice little treat.

I didn't get to see much of the '06 Classic because I never could catch the games on TV. I've been interested in international baseball since going to a game at the '96 Olympics in Atlanta (where I got to see a very young Kosuke Fukudome play for Japan).

There's the schedule for round one. On the other side is the schedule for the rest of the tournament and on the inside is a seating chart for the Rogers Center... SkyDome.

So I'd like to thank Kris for finishing my set and for the WBC schedule thingy. Now I can concentrate on '89 Bowman and maybe '09 Heritage while I wait for Series 2.


kris said...

Looking at the reviews for series 2, i'm super excited.

Hopefully you enjoyed the incredibly cheesey Vancouver 2010 Olympics stamp. It was a tough choice between that and an Anne of Green Gables stamp.