Monday, March 2, 2009

Mailday '81 and '09 Topps

Fat Rat Phillies Fan sent over a few more '09 Topps that I needed and three more '81 Topps.  Most of my '09 extras have been going his way, so go check out his want lists if you haven't already, he's a great guy to trade with.

I'm now sitting at close to 80% through '09 Series 1. I'm half tempted to go buy one of the cereal boxes, now that I know what they are. However, I'm going to stay the hell away from the Wal Mart blasters. Sure, the black cards look pretty nice, but I don't like the underhanded way they released them on us. But there's plenty of talk of that around the blogs, so I won't say any more.

I do want to show this wonderful Mike Schmidt that John sent.

This is one of those cards that I'd kinda like to know what was going on. Schmidt looks a little annoyed at something or someone. It's also one of four cards in the set directly featuring Schmidt. I wonder if he shows up in the backgrounds of many others.

I also hadn't realized that the All Star cards weren't a subset like they were in later years.

Finally, we need to look at this pretty nice looking shot of Bob Boone blocking the plate.

I've said many times how much I like cards of catcher's in full gear and this one is particularly nice (especially given some of Topps' less than wonderful photography in that era).

Any idea what team they're playing against? Who wore a powder blue pinstriped away jersey in '81? I guess I'll have to go diggin'.

With these cards today, I now have 261 of 330 '09 Topps, and 151 of 726 '81s. Thanks John!


Looks like Capewood beat me by a few hours in posting the 1981 Topps Mike Schmidt. Oh well.


halos17 said...

My guess was the Cubbies and looking here I was right:

Ben said...

Looks like you're right. I'm not sure if I'd ever seen those Cubs away pijamas or not. Now I gotta go digging to see if I have any Cubbies wearing that uniform.