Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mailday: Tribe Cards Giveaway

A 400 count box from David at Indians Baseball Cards... was waiting for me in the mail box this afternoon.

This far, I've given it just a cursory glance and pulled out a few interesting things. So stay tuned for this multi-part episode.

There's a lot of stuff in this box that I've never seen before and very few cards that are already in my collection.

Here's where we'll start. These may look like 1987 Topps cards. Well, they are. But, these are the glossy Tiffany version which I have never seen before. Also interesting to note, several days ago I commented on how poorly '87 Topps cards scan, well these scan beautifully. I guess the scanner just doesn't like no gloss finishes (my scanner is a Joe Collector).

These are gonna go right into the binder.

The Tiffany version is printed on white card stock and looks, aside from the gloss, identical to the traded set. These are beautiful cards.

While we're on the topic of '87 Topps, let's look at this mini League Leaders Bob Horner.

I've seen plenty of mini Topps over the years, but this is the first '87. I like it, but at the same time I don't. I feel the same about it as I do the team leaders subset. It's a nice little card, and I love mini cards, but the cloudy white border just doesn't do anything for me. It looked fine when the border was white. But it just doesn't look right with the wood grain.

That said, I'd be kinda interested in trying to put together a set of these to compliment the base set.

So that's it for part one. Who knows what's coming up in part two, but at some point we're going to look at some more Steve Averys that were hiding in the box.

My thanks go to David for the cards and the fun I'm going to have this afternoon sorting.