Friday, March 6, 2009

31 to go...

and several more in the mail on the way to me.  When the incoming package arrives, I'll be 10 cards away from completing '09 Topps.  And with no Heritage in sight, looks kinda like I'll be stuck until May for new cards.

Fat Rat sent another two envelopes of cards that came today, that puts me at 299 cards.  Included was Jo Jo Reyes, which according to Dayf's checklist was one of two Braves I need to have the team set from Series 1.  The remaining Brave is #17 Bobby Cox, and it looks like that one is on the way to me as I write this.  YAY.

I've been giving some thought lately to trying to put together some Braves team sets from over the years.  Maybe start with 1988 and work my back and forward from there.  But that's another post for another day, and now that I've got some time on my hands, I'll probably start digging through doubles tonight.

No picture for this post.  Oh well.  There will be something to look at later.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I'm sure you'll see some Heritage blasters before May. At least, I hope so.

Ben said...

Well. I went to Wal Mart this morning to get a grill lighter and got pretty excited to see some new stuff hanging on the card rack.

Jumbo packs of 2008 Topps Series 2. Yes, 2008.