Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Young Superstars II #16 - Floyd Youmans

Here's another great shot of the old Expos uniform. And there's Andres Galarraga in the background. Both Youmans and Galarraga were photographed at the same place, Pittsburg?

Youmans is our second in a row who didn't have a very long career. Youmans' career was hindered by injuries and drugs.

On July 8, 16 and 26, 1987, Youmans threw complete game shutouts. That's pretty damn impressive.

He was suspended in 1988 for failing a drug test, and then traded to the Phillies in December '88 for Kevin Gross.

Injuries continued to plague him and after shoulder surgery in August 1989 ended his major league career at the age of 25.

Years later he attempted a comeback in the Canadian league in 2003 but pitched in only five games. In 2008 he was hired as the pitching coach for the Joliet Jackhammers of the Northern League.

Floyd Youmans career statistics


Steve Gierman said...

I saw Floyd at a Jackhammers game last year. I was glad to see that he was still doing something in baseball.

There was no mistaking him on the field however. He has really ballooned up from his playing days.

Ben said...

I've become increasingly interested in independant baseball over the past several years. I really wish there were some independant leagues around here. There's plenty of minor league ball around, the Asheville Tourists are nly 45 minutes away. And the Braves are only an hour and half... but there seems to be a nice atmosphere around the independant leagues.