Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mailday: 1987 Topps, the end.

First a clerical note. It looks like Blogger fixed whatever problem they were having with pre-scheduled posting, and I think I've sorted out my email issues. So all is right with the world for now.

I got home this afternoon and there was a box sitting on my front porch, but more on that later. In the mail box was an envelope from Howard from In Purple I'm Stunning with five cards.

We've traded a few times and he's a great guy to trade with. Go check out his site if you haven't and in his latest email, he told me to have anyone who's needing '09 Topps drop him a line and see if you can work something out.

Anyhoo, on to the cards. The three that I was missing were Gary Carter, Barry Bonds and Scott Bradley. It's always nice to get new old cards that you've never seen before. We've all seen pictures of the Bonds rookie online, but the other two are completely new to me. And I have to say, I think I have a new favorite '87 Topps card.

Look at it! Just look at it. In an era where Topps gave us things like this, this card is a breath of fresh air.

Ok, so it's not up to the standards of modern photography and the players in the background are kinda blurry, but Carter's about to try and gun down a runner at second. In the background we see Luis Aguayo at the plate, Rick Schu on deck and I can't figure out who that is in the dugout. The uniform number looks like 38, but that's clearly not Dave Stewart. So it could be a blurry 33, in which case there are two possibilities on the '86 Phillies, but only one of those possibilities was white. So I'm going to assume that that's pitcher Tom Gorman standing in the dugout.

It may be a Met, but that doesn't matter, catchers in full gear look badass no matter what team they play for.

The Scott Bradley card is more typical of Topps photography from the late '80s.

Also in the envelope were two little oddball releases.

The first is an odd, ball shaped (hehehe, see what I did with words) Chipper Jones from 2003 Fleer Hardball. I've never seen these before since 2003 was nearly ten years after my first round of collecting. What's interesting about this card is that it lists Chipper as an outfielder. In 2002 and 2003, the Braves brought Vinny Castilla back at third and stuck Chipper in the outfield. He did reasonably well out there, but I was so much happier with him at third and a platoon in left. But you gotta hand it to Bobby for trying something new with a superstar player.

Next is something that I've heard of before, but have never actually seen in person. Topps released a small set of mini cards in the UK to explain baseball to the Brits.

ugh... now I may have to collect the rest of the set so I can find out what the other strike factors are.

So once again I want to thank Howard for helping me finish, after 21 years, my 1987 Topps set. I'm looking forward to sliding these last three cards into the binder and then taking a stroll down memory lane and looking through the set now that there are no gaps.

I also look forward to more dealings and trades with Howard in the future. Again, go check out his site.

Now... that box that I mentioned...

Check out 1989 Bowman later this afternoon for pack one.


Jinxo56 said...

I am glad to help. Ironically you helped me finish the same set. I only needed the Cal Ripken, Jr card which you sent. Since you like those mini-cards I'll send you a few more.

Ben said...

Glad I could help too. I couldn't remember if that Ripken was the last one you needed or the only one that I had that you needed.

Thanks for all the help and if you go after '09 Series 2, hopefully I can help out in exchange for some of those mini cards.