Friday, March 20, 2009

Mail Day: '09 Topps down to three, and two unexpected cards.

Three of the final six '09 Topps I needed came today by way of Jeff at Card Junkie. I'm thinking this is at least the fifth trade we've made and they've all been wonderful. As I'm sure you all know, he's another one of the good guys to trade with.

Here's three of the final six. Now I only need 41, 100, 330.

My parents also came up for a visit today and my mom brought a tin of cards that she found in my closet. In side was an unexpected find.

1990 Upper Deck #65 - The Steve Avery collection is now upto 14 cards. I'd forgotten all about this card. It was still in a top loader and I'm not sure why it wasn't with the rest of my cards when I dug them all up last summer. But I won't complain.

Also in the little box was a card that I need to complete my '88 Revco League Leaders set. Yes, I'm still chasing down a 20 year old drug store odd ball set. But it's a nice little set. I only need the McGwire to finish it. I'll probably tack that onto my next SportLots order.

My thanks to Jeff for the '09 Topps and to my mom for finding a stack of cards that I put in a strange out of the way place fifteen years ago.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Glad to help Ben and thanks for the '09 Topps you've given me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I should be able to help you with the Topps problem.

I'll double check tonite, but I should have dupes of Muissina, Wright and Dice.

Up until last night, I was haunted by goddamn Yadier Molina -- If you want to shoot me an email @ I'm sure we can work something out.